Canada`s Northern House

I have visited the Canada`s Northern House in Vancouver on 602 West Hastings, and yes it is very interesting.

The set up is so that one can see and experience the three northern Territories of Canada.

Walking into the Canada`s Northern House (CNH) one can see the inuksuk made by Peter Irniq of Ottawa, Canada originally from Repulse Bay or Nauyaat, Nunavut.

Since I am originally from Nauyaat as well I could recognize some of the rocks coming from there.

Many people were getting their photos taken next to the inuksuk both young an old alike, and from all over the world.

There are many displays of arts and crafts from the aboriginal and some non aboriginal people of the three territories.

I will elaborate on the arts as that is the field of my interest. There are all sorts of medium used in the Inuit art displays.

Many are made from soapstone, soapstone from our territories and few used Brazilian
soapstone and some carvings are produced in ivory, antler, whalebone and pure rock.

Sizes vary and each image is just as important as the other regardless of size but how well they are produced.

At the CNH there are things viewers and visitors can take part in. One of the popular events is to have your picture taken with a northern back ground and it makes you look like you are really in that environment.

Another is making your own inuksuk. There are small rocks available for one to use there and erect your own inuksuk.

There is an ayagaq (a hand game with a bone rod about 6 inches long and a leg bone of the caribou cut horizontally to about an inch in length and has several hole along all sides).

The object of the game is to see how many times you can insert the rod into one of the holes. The one with the most scores wins.

If one goes down stairs there are more art work and displays of traditional clothing. One can watch on-screen of the northern economic opportunities, the environment and it`s people.

The people line up for a couple of blocks at times, thanks to all who have taken the time to visit Canada`s Northern House.

Taima for now