Nunavut Inuit Culture

Growing up in the iglu days, one had to aniyaaq, it`s a gesture taken by all Inuit to wake up early in the morning and dress as quick as possible to then continue to go outside. It is expected of you to do so as soon as you have learned to walk. It was strongly believed by Inuit this tradition made giving birth an easy and short delivery. This habit has been obsolete since the beginning of our schooling back in the 1950s.

Before the fifties the seal was very important to our life as a source of oil for the qudliq (soapstone stove), which gave heat and dried our day`s wear and cooked our meals.

Our husky dogs were super healthy when they ate seal meat and it`s bubbler. They were strong and their hair was very long but fluffy.

The seal also had many important roles. In the spring time when conditions of the surface of the sea ice became sharp from constant melting. This causes the dog`s soles to bleed from the cuts. A hunter will put booties on all of his team of dogs. This make for easier, faster and cover more distance this way.

Theresie Tungilik